TULSA. Okla. — Federal assault charges were dropped against a Delaware County woman accused of beating up two women, one of whom was an elderly cancer-ridden victim.

Jennifer Diana Warren, 49, of Rose, was charged with several assault-related charges in August in Cherokee Nation Court and then federally indicted in September with assault resulting in serious bodily injury in Indian Country, witness tampering by the threat and use of physical force and assault by striking, beating, and wounding.

The charges stemmed from an alleged assault on a 66-year-old Jay woman with stage 4 colon cancer in July and another woman, according to a Jay police report. She also prevented them from contacting law enforcement, the report states.  

The assault of the younger woman was captured on video.  

Both women were allegedly repeatedly punched and bitten.  On the video, you can see the younger woman’s head slamming against a concrete floor.

Warren’s federal trial was set to begin on Monday, but federal prosecutors dismissed the case on Wednesday citing “in the interest of justice,” according to a federal document.

The case against Warren in Cherokee Nation Criminal Court was dismissed on Nov. 3 because she was charged in federal court.

Both dismissals were without prejudice meaning charges can be refiled against Warren.

The U.S. Attorney’s communications office declined to comment and repeated telephone calls to the Cherokee Nation Office of the Attorney General were not returned.

As a result of the alleged assault, the victims sought a protective order against Warren in Delaware County District Court.  The protective order hearing was continued to April 1, 2024, and the protective order was also extended to that date, court records show.  


On the day of the assaults, Warren’s husband, Spencer Huckaby, was unloading his daughter’s belongings from his truck and trailer and taking them into the older victim’s residence when the husband and wife began arguing, according to a Jay police report.  

The argument escalated as Huckaby allegedly screamed at the juvenile and became physical with the teen.  Warren grabbed the older victim and allegedly threw the 66-year-old woman into the side of the brick home and began hitting her, court records show. Huckaby joined the melee, grabbing the victim’s arms while Warren landed more blows, court records show.

Government’s Unopposed Motion to Dismiss the Indictment Without Prejudice and
Jay Police report

Hearing the fighting, the younger victim attempted to call  911 to report the assault and told Warren and Huckaby they needed to leave. When Warren realized the younger victim was calling law enforcement, she allegedly grabbed her phone, and threw it against the wall in the garage, shattering the phone’s screen protector and damaging the wall, court records show.

Warren is accused of jumping on the younger victim, taking her down to the ground, climbing on top of her and punching her. In the video you see Warren holding the victim down, grabbing her face and strangling her. Warren then grabs the younger victim by the back of her hair, slamming her head down into the cement floor of the garage at least twice.

The video recording captured an audible smack when the younger victim’s head hit the ground. While she was on the ground, Warren allegedly delivered a few more blows to the victim and kicked her in the crotch, the video shows.

The younger victim asked Huckaby if he was going to let Warren choke her. He responded by allegedly putting his foot on the younger victim’s face, according to court records.

Once Warren and the younger victim were physically separated from each other, Warren and Huckaby returned to unloading the trailer until law enforcement arrived, court records show.

Huckaby was charged in Delaware County District Court in Jay with domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor, a misdemeanor. The charge was dropped, records show.