Crime up in Jasper County per 2019 numbers


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — The Jasper County Sheriff is taking a close look at crime last year – pinpointing trends to watch in 2020.

Is crime up or down?

There’s a bit of both depending on the category, but overall crime was up.

There were 557 cases referred to Jasper County detectives, and property crime made up the biggest share of that.

Jasper County Sheriff Randee Kaiser said, “We had a few categories stealing, theft and vehicle tampering, or vehicle theft that were up a little bit from last year.”

And Jasper County Sheriff Randee Kaiser those are the kinds of crimes they’ll be watching out for in 2020.

“We have software that helps us determine days of week and times of day that those take place so we’ll focus our efforts in certain areas during those days of the week and times of the day.”

Some categories saw a drop, like adult sex crimes.

And there were no homicides reported in the county last year.

But Kaiser says there were still too many reports of scams.

“Difference various types of fraud seemed to be off the charts this year. phone frauds especially various different kinds of scams going on out there that primarily prey on the elderly.”

He’s hoping to help potential victims protect themselves in 2020, emphasizing the need to protect personal informant.

“Using these techniques that say they have your social security number that they’re from the social security office and you need to take action right away and please call us. And then you do – it’s a scam, they say they need money from you.”

The sheriff adds it was a busy year in general, with more than 34,000 calls for service.

That’s up by several thousand from the year before.

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