Crawford County residents continue clean up process


Residents in the area of Crawford County impacted by a possible tornado are continuing the clean up process.

First responders say the city of Pittsburg and Crawford County will be doing debris pickup in the impacted area next Wednesday. They say recovery efforts are progressing, but Tuesday’s storms and heavy rain have slowed things down. They say they’re still waiting for a survey team from the National Weather Service to confirm that it was a tornado that caused the damage. First responders say one big issue they’ve had is people driving around barricades, which could potentially put them and rescue workers in danger.

“I can’t reiterate it enough, do not go around the barricades. If the road says closed, do not go around those barricades. Just this morning we had two spots where barricades had been hit overnight, a couple of them looked like they were on purpose,” says Jason VanBecelaere, Crawford County Emergency Management Director.

“You know, the water rescues are probably one of the scariest things to deal with. The couple that I’ve been involved in, you know, it’s just, when you’re dealing with nature and you’re dealing with water, it puts everybody in danger,” says Sheriff Danny Smith, Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

Crawford County Emergency Management and the sheriff’s office are both updating conditions through their social media accounts. They’re advising drivers to check those before traveling to see what routes are closed.

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