CRAWFORD COUNTY, Kans. — After failing to pass during the Primary Election, several counties in Kansas are recounting the votes for the Value Them Both Amendment. It was voted down in Crawford County, and that outcome did not change after a recount of close to 11,000 votes. The process wrapped up today.

On Monday, the Secretary of State’s Office ordered a recount for 9 counties. Crawford county was the only local one. The process was overseen by a bi-partisan board made up of an equal amount of both Democrats and Republicans.

“I think that people are wanting to make sure elections are safe and secure in Kansas, and we welcomed the opportunity to do this because we wanted to prove that Crawford County does elections the way we’re supposed to, we’re safe and secure and our numbers will agree with that.”Lisa Lusker, Crawford County Clerk

The recount for the other counties must be completed by no later than Saturday.