FRANKLIN, Kans. — New artifacts are on display at the Miners Hall Museum in Pittsburg.

The pieces come from the collection of Skip and Betty Urich, and were obtained through the Coleman Family Foundation.

All of the items are now at the museum and a small group of artifacts are already on display.

The rest of the items are being identified and recorded by the museum’s collections manager, Ron Pommier, with the help of Skip Urich.

That process could take some time to complete.

Urich says he obtained the artifacts through years of auctions, online searches, and other sales.

“Well that was always kind of the idea behind it was to get it where people could see it, you know, before it goes away. Because over 15 years, like I’ve said, used to be all the local, state sales would have some little artifact and now those days are gone,” said Skip Urich, Collector.

“It needs to be saved. It needs to be displayed. The young people now are amazed when they come in the museum that this thing was going on here a hundred years ago,” said Ron Pommier, Miners Museum Collection Manager.

Pommier estimates he’s logged about 57 artifacts so far, and there are still hundreds more to go.