PITTSBURG, Kans. — Crawford County residents can expect to see some new tax information coming their way. Taxpayer notification forms have been sent out to property owners regarding the current revenue-neutral rate. It’s the first year the county has done this by mail, since the passing of Senate Bill 13 last year. It will contain information comparing the taxes residents paid in the last year, to what they can expect to pay this year — if the proposed budget passes.

“Since property evaluations went up, the revenue neutral rate is probably going to be a little bit lower. So if entities want to collect more tax money, they’re going to need to go over this revenue-neutral rate. Once they get these revenue-neutral rate sheets on their property to see what their property value will be, and their estimated tax payments will be, they can go to the individual budget meetings and voice their concerns if they think that it’s too high,” said Lisa Lusker, Crawford County Clerk.

Budget meeting information can be found on the taxpayer notification forms.