Crawford County names new Health Department Director


CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ks. — A new health department director has been announced for Southeast Kansas.

Teddi Van Kam will be taking over as the new interim director for the Crawford County Health Department. Former Health Director Janis Goedeke and former deputy Health Officer Dr. Linda Bean will act as consultants for the department. Prior to becoming the new director, Van Kam had served as a nurse specializing in the study of diseases.

Teddi Van Kam, Crawford County Health Department Director, said, “It did prepare us somewhat, I don’t know if anyone can totally be prepared for a pandemic, but it certainly helps the fact that I had done disease tracking in the past and it was along the same lines, just on a much, much larger scale.”

Van Kam is expected to serve as the interim director for six months. She will also be serving as the Deputy Health Officer, while Dr. Tim Stebbins will continue as the county’s health officer until June 2021.

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