Crawford County leaders make preparations for 2020 budget


Six months into 2019, Crawford County leaders are already making preparations for their 2020 budget.

Over the past couple of weeks, the county clerk and commissioners have been meeting with department heads in the county to understand their needs moving into 2020. A couple things that play into the annual budget would be the mill levy or tax rate applied after area property has been appraised and the need of new equipment or more personnel for agencies. And being able to plan ahead helps the county understand trends in the area that could potentially help save them money in the long run.

“We have had some pretty good property gains due to new construction, things like that in the area. So that helps us to be able to fund some increases without increasing everyone’s property taxes because we’ve got new properties coming on the tax rolls that have higher values than they were as just vacant lots,” says Don Pyle, Crawford County Clerk.

This year’s budget amount is about $23 million, for 2020 the county is anticipating a little more than that. They are hoping to have their meetings with department heads by the end of this week. And are looking to have their total budget amount by July.

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