CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ks. — A Crawford County Sheriff’s Deputy is being recognized for being one of the best in the state.

Sheriff Deputy Kurt Grotheer, said, “It was a great honor. I mean I don’t even know how to explain that because it was like. It really took me by surprise.”

Crawford County Deputy Kurt Grotheer was honored with a Kansas State Senate Tribute last month, recognizing him for being named the 2019 Kansas Deputy of the Year by the Kansas Sheriffs’ Association.

“My initial feeling was hey I was just doing what I’m supposed to do.”

Grotheer was nominated by Crawford County Sheriff Danny Smith.

“And it stemmed from a domestic violence incident that happened in February of last year where I responded to a domestic violence and two people were stabbed.”

He was alone on the scene, his back up was a ways away, and after tasing the suspect and being attacked by the suspect’s dog, he was able to gain control of the situation and arrest the suspect.

“One of them did die of her wounds. But the other one, the grandmother survived.”

Grotheer’s coworkers say they see his hard work and dedication everyday and aren’t shocked by this honor.

Chris Wilson, Sargent Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, said, “It makes you feel proud that one of your own is nominated and wins that.”

Earning the respect of those in his own office and from law enforcement in other communities.

Sheriff David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, said, “He acted very professionally, quickly, courageously, it was a dynamic situation that was incredibly dangerous.”

“For all of us doing this line of work. It could happen to anybody.It all depends on who actually gets that call,” said Wilson.

“With everybody I work with, I wouldn’t put it past anybody else to make that same decision, what I did that day,” said Grotheer.