Crawford County Commissioners discuss sewer relocation ahead of Highway 69 widening project


Crawford County Commissioners are weighing two possible options for relocating a sewer line before construction begins on Highway 69.

Commissioners learned last year that a roughly a half-mile long section of sewer line near Franklin would have to be relocated from the east side of 69 to the west side. The cost of the project is estimated at around $1 million, and work would need to be completed before the highway widening project can begin.
Commissioner Tom Moody says engineers with the Kansas Department of Transportation have told the commission the county can either bid the project out themselves, or they can include it in the K-DOT bid. If they choose to go with the K-DOT bid, Moody says that may alter the total cost, since the K-DOT project would require the county to observe federal prevailing wage guidelines. He says they’re weighing their options, and will make the most responsible decision once they have all of the information.

“That’s a pretty good figure to come up with on short notice, and we want to do what’s best for the citizens of Crawford County of course, but on the same token we don’t want to do anything to slow the project down,” says Tom Moody, Crawford County Commission.

Moody says the commission did get some good news. Originally K-DOT had told the county the project would have to be completed by July, but that has now been moved back to September. He says commissioners hope to make a decision in the next couple of weeks.

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