Crawford County commission will not oppose Silverback Landing project


The Crawford County commission will not oppose the Silverback Landing housing project.

Commissioners heard from a consulting engineer this morning about potential stormwater runoff from the housing development downstream in the county. The engineer told commissioners that he doesn’t believe there will be a substantial impact on the amount of water flowing into Cow Creek.

However, commissioner Carl Wood wanted to delay the project 60 to 90 days, allowing more time to grant permits and finalize plans. But the other two commissioners said they believe there won’t be a significant impact, and were willing to allow the project to move forward.

“How can you develop something by really, kind of, stuff in the air, hey, you may wake up in the morning and really want to change this, or go to bed, you know, and think during the night, I need to change this,” says Carl Wood.

“I’m comfortable based on the plans that we’ve received that there shouldn’t be a major impact on the county,” says Jeff Murphy.

Pittsburg city commissioners have given their approval to the project, which would be constructed in the southeast part of town, near the intersection of Rouse and Centennial.

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