Crawford County closer to setting the 2020 budget


CRAWFORD COUNTY, Kan. – Crawford County is one step closer in setting its budget for 2020.

Through hosting workshops with county departments, county leaders have been able to determine some preliminary requests moving into the next year. Those include pay increases to some departments, funding for a new mental health facility and new voting machines. And new developments in the area have been able to generate property taxes to go into the Crawford County budget. The county clerk says this can help them ensure the majority of the needs of each department is met while still keeping taxes low.

“You want to provide good service to your citizens but you also have to do it at a price they can afford to pay.”

Don Pyle, Crawford County Clerk

This year’s budget was about $23 million, and for next year they expect to increase that by about two to three percent.

The next workshop held by the county will be next Tuesday, July 9th.

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