Crawford County adds new positions and equipment at health department


CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ks. — Crawford County Commissioners approve of four new positions at the Health Department and new medical equipment.

The Health Department requested three new EPI nurses to help with contact tracing in the county.

And they asked for a county public information officer who would be in charge of sharing information regarding covid-19.

Two new rapid testing machines were also requested to help get covid-19 tests processed more quickly rather than sending them to an out of town lab.

Rebecca Adamson, Crawford County Health Dept., said, “At this point we’re either sending them to the state labs or labs outside like we have different ones, we have several different ones we send to, commercial laboratories. And it is just taking several days, sometimes 5-6 days, so we would like to have turn around within the same day. And it would aid in that respect.”

Each rapid testing machine will cost about $32,000.

The Health Department will be paying for it with a state grant.

The new positions will be posted on the county website in the coming weeks.

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