Coyotes causing issues with farmer’s livestock


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — Coyotes are creating issues for farmers with small animals.

Francis Skalicky, Missouri Dept of Conservation, said, “Coyotes can prey on your poultry, they can prey on your young livestock such as calves young lambs things of that nature so for those its a definite problem and it does cut into your financial aspect of your farming operation.”

The Missouri Department of Conservation says coyotes are resilient and can easily adapt to urban and rural areas. They say coyotes can be problematic for farmers especially during their mating season in Winter. One farmer says the coyotes have been a pest.

Russell Marion, Farmer, said, “I went and checked and found a cow with a baby calf and the coyotes around not attacking just harassing making them nervous and making the mothers spin and turn around a lot and circle their little calves.”

He says this kind of stress for a newborn calf is not good.

“The coyotes are harassing them and making them nervous its not good.”

But coyotes can be helpful to get rid of pests.

“Coyotes can cause problems but some of their predation is actually valuable to humans. They prey on rats and mice and small mammals that can cause problems occasionally for humans,” said Skalicky.

If you are having issues with coyotes call the Missouri Department of Conservation. They offer a free service to help get coyotes off your property.

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