Coxhealth Monett expands their rehabilitation and sports medicine building to separate physical therapy patients


MONETT, Mo. — Coxhealth Monett has received an upgrade when it comes to pediatric physical therapy.

Pediatric patients receiving physical therapy used to have to share a room with older patents. But that’s no longer the case.

Located inside the health system’s rehabilitation and sports medicine building, both pediatric and older patients take physical therapy classes. Until recently, both of them shared one room. Something Kara Briggs, parent of pediatric patient Lathem Briggs, would worry about.

“Sometimes you’d worry about him running into older patients who are maybe recovering from major surgeries, or you know people with mobility issues,” said Kara Briggs – Parent.

A concern for Briggs, it was also a struggle for physical therapists.

“For years I’ve heard from my staff if there’s anything that they might need to be better at their work it’s more space for our kids to do therapy,” said Kevin Norris – Coxhealth Monett Physical Therapy Manager.

Now — thanks to a $130,000 project — pediatric patients have a room of their own. Giving them access to things like a rock wall, obstacle courses, “jump and plays” and therapy gyms

“He’s able to do a lot more physical things. Bigger physical things than he was before, so he’s really excited, he really loves it over here,” said Briggs.

“Now that we’re able to really sort of separate those two and allow the kids to do what they do best in playing and incorporating our therapy techniques with that play is so crucial,” said Norris.

While the new room mainly helps the pediatric patients, it’s also helpful for the older ones.

Norris says despite the kids making the older patients smile, sometimes the noise and tight space made therapy more difficult for them.

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