Country Place Senior Living and Memory Care hosts special event for residents


FORT SCOTT, Kan. — Everyone needs a little Vitamin C and Country Place Senior Living and Memory Care found a way for its residents to get outside and enjoy the 4th of July.

Residents lined up along the sidewalk as family, friends, and community members drove through honking their horns, cheering, and waving as they passed by.

The residency said it was a safe way to allow a chance for everybody to receive an opportunity to see somebody and enjoy the holiday weekend.

Caregiver Lori Bower added that this is our family, and they love to make everybody happy.

Lori Bower, Country Place Living of Fort Scott, says, “Our beautiful residents have been inside. We’ve had no visitors; it’s been a rough three months, four months, and this is a way for us to see our families and show that we’re still here and still happy.”

Staff members also provided a little more holiday spirit to its residents by setting off a few small fireworks.

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