Council to discuss proposed annual 5% sewer rate hike Monday night

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JOPLIN Mo.— Monday night’s Joplin City Council meeting will feature the first round of discussion on a redesigned sewer rate plan.

With the proposed ordinance, sewer rates will increase by 5 percent annually over the course of five years. In addition to the rate increase, the ordinance will also add an additional charge to the bill that will accommodate for the chemicals used in treating the individual’s water. That rate will depend on the strength of the customer’s biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS) levels, which are monitored by the treatment system. That fee will also increase by 5 percent annually over five years.

The rate study also calculated rates that differ for people who live within versus outside city limits — charging more for those who live outside. According to the new bill, customers who do not live inside city limits will pay 30 percent more than the rate of those who live in town, explaining that out-of-town customers don’t carry the same risk associated with the treatment plan that city residents do. 

Experts with Burns & McDonnell explain that the rate increase will not only pay to replace the current treatment system, but will maintain the new system and keep it up to par with health and public safety regulations. 

If passed, the new rates will go into effect April 1, 2020, and will expire in 2024.

Joplin City Council members will discuss the rate at Monday night’s public meeting at 5:30 on the fifth floor of city hall.  For the details of the proposed rate increase, you can preview the council bill here.

To view the entire meeting agenda, click here.

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