Cottey College students enjoying new Center For Campus Life


NEVADA, Mo. — Cottey College has something new on campus where students can come together, relax, and enhance their learning.

What does the school have to say about the new Center For Campus Life?

Fundraising for the center for campus life began two years ago. The project broke ground in August and cost around three million dollars to make.

That’s what Cottey College Student Shania Roberts has to say about the new addition to the school. Now that she can experience the center as a student she says it’s already had an impact on her.

Shania Roberts – Senior, said, “It’s definitely a nice place for me to come at and study, get something to eat and then be away from my room in order to focus on homework for that last push here in the last couple of months.”

Dr. Landon Adams – Vice President For Student Life, said, “This is kind of a new extra piece that we haven’t had in the past and so we’re really interested to see how that effects the student dynamic. I think very critically the location of this space is geographically the center of campus.”

While the new campus for student life has impacted Roberts Vice President for Student Life Dr. Landon Adams hopes it impacts other students as well.

“Our hope with this space is that it really becomes a hub of activity for our students. You know we’ve moved our spirit shop over here, we moved the Shelley Club over here which is kind of a little coffee shop type vibe, and really we want this to be a space where students congregate.”

While Roberts hopes the new center is a popular attraction for students, she says the buzz has already begun.

“We’ve been talking a lot about how awesome it is to have this space look so nice from what it used to be in the basement of the chapel. And being able to use this space for so many different things, and a lot of students are really excited about the fact that it only took about a year from the beginning and unavailing of this project to its completion,” said Roberts.

Roberts adds that what makes this place special is off campus students have a space they can share. Before this center opened Roberts says that she had to walk all the way across campus to study. Now just being a few minutes away it has already made her life easier.

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