WIC offices across the Four States changing how they’re helping mothers

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FOUR STATE AREA — Due to covid-19, WIC offices across the Four States are changing how they’re helping mothers.

The Barton County Health Department’s WIC Office is now offering advice and appointments over the phone.

Mothers can send in documentation and photos through text or email.

Checks can be mailed to your residence, or they can be picked up in the front lobby.

The office’s breastfeeding counselor will travel to the hospital and a person’s home for in-person services.

There’s plenty of resources online, but make sure the source is an internationally board certified lactation counselor for the most reliable information.

Tina Schnelle, Barton County Health Dept. WIC Nutritionist & Coordinator, said, “There are people to help you. Even in these times, there is support and all you have to do is reach out. You can reach out to your local WIC office, you can reach out to your hospital where you delivered, La Leche League.”

The Barton County Health Department is still open to those needing assistance in person.

A list of verified breast feeding resources is provided below.

Global Health Media Project – intended for a global audience, but the most comprehensive information I’ve found:

Stanford Medicine Newborn Nursery – videos & written materials on a perfect latch, hand expressing milk, etc:

UNICEF – videos and written materials on Positioninig & Attachment, Maximizing breastmilk production, etc:

La Leche League International – a large variety of written sources:

Breastfeeding housecalls – free on line breastfeeding course:

Nancy Morhbacher is a nationally recognized IBCLC

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