Webb City Extends Social Distancing Ordinance

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WEBB CITY, Mo. — In a release from Mayor Ragsdale, Webb City is extending its “10 people and 6 feet” order.

Originally, the order was to cease Monday, April 6th at midnight; however, this new extension places the end of the order on April 30th at midnight instead.

This comes after Joplin’s Mayor Shaw decided to enact a shelter in place order beginning Monday, April 6th.

The full letter from Mayor Ragsdale can be read below:

Dear Webb City Council,

As of today, Friday, April 3, 2020, the Joplin Mayor has announced that the City of Joplin will begin a “Stay At Home Order” beginning 12:01 AM on Monday, April 6, 2020.

I have had daily and lengthy conversations with Mayor Shaw. We both agree, along with our legal counsel, that this new order is essentially the same as the current order given by the Governor. We, the Webb City Council, enacted that ordinance and generally call it the “10 people and 6 feet” order.

I am concerned that Joplin has set up great potential confusion by making this “new” ordinance for two weeks. I am sure Joplin has reasons for those dates but they do not impact Webb City.


On Monday I will be extending our current ordinance that ends at 12:01 AM on April 6, 2020 to 12:01 AM on April 30, 2020. This matches the Governor’s order and complies with the language of our current ordinance.

I will stress in that statement that changing the name of an order will likely not make those who ignore it any more likely to adhere to it. We have limited ability to make people personally responsible. The power of the individual must be stressed in this time of crisis.

Carl Francis and I have also reviewed the list of Webb City businesses that might be impacted under a tougher “stay at home” order. We see very few if any that are not already closed.

On Monday I will instruct people on how to find the official list of “essential businesses”.

For us to change the name or extent of our current ordinance would require a special Council meeting. I will announce on Monday that we are keeping our attention focused and will call that meeting if necessary.

I am also taking steps to better inform our Spanish speaking population. I will use Alisa Barroeta to translate on Monday so that segment of our city is as well informed as possible.

Sincerely, Mayor Ragsdale

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