WATCH LIVE: City of Joplin COVID-19 Update Press Conference

Joplin Area Coronavirus

Joplin, MO- Mayor Gary Shaw opened the meeting by reporting no new cases of COVID-19 in the City of Joplin.  He says that restaurants in the area are talking about and designing new ways to keep patrons safe and he encourages forward thinking when it comes to the health safety of our community.  He says the city is working on a new plan for the reopening of Joplin, but they will fist consider the Governor’s plan that will be released later today.  They city of Joplin’s plan, will align with that of the state of Missouri.   He reminds residents that even with the reopening, business will still be expected to provide the ability for consumers to have the ability to socially distance. 

Health Director, Dan Pekarek, reminds us as that handwashing is always the best defense against COVID-19.  Try to avoid touching your face, and if you need to cough, cough into your arm to lessen the odds of spreading  your germs.  He reminds residents to call their doctor if the expect they may have COVID-19 before heading to their office or the emergency room.

Ashley Mickelthwaite of One Joplin was on hand to speak about the U.S. Census.  The expresses how important the census is.  It determines federal funding, how many congressional seats we will have, and the importance of pride in our individual communities.   She reminds people that you can fill out the mailer you received, you can respond on line at or you can call and respond to the census by phone at  844-330-2020.  She says that so far 56% of Joplin residents have responded so far.  She says that for each household that does not fill out the census, costs the community $1,300 per household.  This can include funding for children’s meals at schools, and so many different projects in the area.  Mickelthwaite includes that the information is private, secure and cannot be released for over 70 years. 

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