Two new MSSU certificate programs approved by Missouri Return Strong program

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Two certificate programs at Missouri Southern are approved by the state’s Return Strong program, to help unemployed Missourians get back on their feet after the pandemic.

The Plaster College of Business will offer certificates in Entrepreneurial Planning and Management, as well as Entrepreneurial Operations.

They’ve been offered previously, but this coming fall’s courses are specifically part of the Return Strong campaign — through the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development.

The campaign’s focus is to help residents in the state learn new skills and get back to work — they may even be eligible to receive a training voucher for up to $4,000.

The two courses offered at MSSU are for anyone interested in starting a new business.

They will be completely online, so anyone is welcome to enroll.

Kenneth Surbrugg, MSSU Director of Entrepreneurship, said, “Anybody from this area or from outside this area could eventually take these classes. We’ve had students internationally, we’ve had students in South America, we’ve had students in Asia, who have taken our classes before, and so, this class, obviously it’s 100 percent online, so anybody can take these.”

The certificate programs start in August and will go through December.

For more information on the certificates, follow the links below.,initiative%20has%20two%20main%20goals%3A&text=To%20reopen%20Missouri’s%20public%20workforce%20system%20safely%20and%20responsibly

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