The parking lot of New Life Fellowship Church in Neosho to double as free grocery store for next several weeks

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SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — Most church parking lots are emptly during the week.

But that won’t be the case for one in Southwest Missouri.

And it’s for the benefit for hundreds of area residents.

The parking lot of the New Life Fellowship Church in Neosho will double as a free grocery store for the next several weeks, as semis one will unload 1,200 boxes worth of fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products.

And Pastor Mark Buzzard says they’ve come just in the nick of time for many area residents.

The church has always provided food for congregation members going through tough times, but nothing on this scale.

And this time you don’t have to be part of the church to receive the boxes.

Mark Buzzard, Pastor, New Life Fellowship, said, “Oh its a tremendous need right now especially with what we’ve been going through because we have people come and say, ‘man, we need some food and some help,’ and when we can give them food that helps them to be able to take the money that was spent on food and use it to pay some of the expenses they have.”

The groceries are available to any individuals, non-profits, churches, and ministries that provide for the food insecure throughout the Four States.

Brenda Robinson, Wayside Assembly Church, said, “God’s provided this food, the shelves in Walmart are getting pretty low, so we’re here to get food for our church, the churches around us and provide for the elderly that sometimes don’t get out, so we’ve got to provide for them.”

“Organizations such as churches, food pantries, shelters, and other helps organizations need to call ahead (numbers below) to schedule pick ups an quantities needed. Organization pick ups will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 AM and 2 PM. Large orders, up to and including full trailers, can be ordered for organizations.

Individuals and public distribution will be Thursday evening (beginning May 21) between 5 and 7 PM and Sunday afternoon (Sunday’s beginning May 30) between 2 and 4 PM or until supplies run out.”

Organization Scheduling Pickups can call the following numbers. (417) 658-6393 or (918) 533-8727.

Please leave a message if no answer as all calls will be returned.

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