Stone’s Corner Pharmacy making hand sanitizier for first responders

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — A Southwest Missouri pharmacy partners with area businesses to keep first responders safe during the covid-19 outbreak.

What are they doing?

Stone’s Corner Pharmacy has been making hand sanitizer for local first responders and residents are helping pass those out.

Chad Isaacs, Stone’s Corner Pharmacy Owner & Pharmacist, said, “Well it’s pretty simple. I think most of us in health care got into it to help people.”

Stone’s Corner Pharmacy teamed up with area business to bring hand sanitizer to first responders and those whose job requires them to come in contact with people.

“Our idea was to help people that are serving other people in this situation, so whether that be fire fighters or city officials or anybody, organizations that are helping people right now and our coming into contact with lots of people, we want to help them stay safe, stay healthy.”‘

They’ve acquired a 55 gallon drum of alcohol to mix into sanitizer per CDC guidelines.

Local business owners and other community members say they were happy to drop off antimicrobial solutions to fire fighters, police, and jails across Oronogo, Joplin, Galena, and Carthage.

Joshua Maresh, JOMO Moving Owner, said, “You do good, you get good. I mean you do good things, good things happen to you and we’re considered an essential business anyway, so I’m out and about with the public everyday and I’m exposed anyway, so you know instead of sitting in the office or sitting at home doing nothing, I want to get out there and help people.”

One jailer says he’s grateful, since they go through supplies each and every work day.

Devaughn Simmons, Joplin City Jailer, said, “We go through hand sanitizer everyday all day. Whether it’s handling people’s property, touch an inmate, but we also have gloves, but we constantly wash our hands, but hand sanitizer gets used a lot.”

Stone’s corner will be doing what they can to keep up with the demand of hand sanitizer for emergency personnel, as well as, the general public.

Small bottles of hand sanitizer are available to the public for purchase either through delivery or drive up.

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