Sports cards from 2020 could have increased value due to short supply

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s another part of sports impacted by the pandemic — one that you may not have thought about before — sports cards.

People who sell baseball cards and other sports cards want customers to be prepared to pay more than they have in the past.

That’s because even that industry has been affected by covid-19.

It’s a case of supply and demand.

Rodney Spriggs, President, C.E.O., Vintage Stock Entertainment, said, “The production because of plant closures store closures so the orders you know if you have stores closed they don’t have the money to spend to buy stuff or they pass on ordering products, that’s causing it to be more expensive because the amount of product out is significantly less than what it was in years past.”

Spriggs says, whether or not the smaller amount of cards on the market make a good long-term investment, will depend on the rookie class of 2020.

He explains seasons with more rookie stars tend to increase the value of cards during that year.

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