SNC Squared offering free home office setups

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — An information technology organization helps local businesses keep their doors open virtually.

SNC Squared is offering free consultations, installations, and licensing to businesses who need to work from home, but just don’t know how.

The free license allows people to remotely connect to their office computers, for billing, payroll, and any other needs keep a business running.

Free licensing will run through may first and will be re-evaluated on the third week of April.

John Motazedi, CEO SNC Squared, said, “We’re in this as a community and we realize that many of the organizations are not actually able to go into work. We are actually on a lock-down ourselves. We have less than 10 at the staff and my entire staff is actually working remotely.”

If you or your company is interested in this free service, follow the link below.

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