Shortage of substitutes closes Galena school

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GALENA, Ks. — It’s not the first time we’ve seen schools close during a pandemic, but now it’s happening in a different capacity. Well this time only one school building is closing, not the entire district, and it’s for a short time.

Dr. Trey Moeller, Superintendent of Galena, said, “Any thoughts that we had heading into the start of this particular school year involved contingencies or plans where if we needed to do something like this, that we were prepared for that.”

Schools across the country are finding themselves with limited access to substitute teachers. And on Tuesday, Spring Grove found themselves in a similar situation.

“We found ourself with 11 adults that were not able to be on campus working, and with a shortage of substitutes to fill in the spaces.”

So they pulled out a plan they’ve had prepared since the beginning of the year.

“We felt it was best if we would transition then to the remote learning environment.”

Instead of closing down an entire school district, they only closed one. Now after months of preparation and hard work, Spring Grove will spend the next several days learning at home.

“At Spring Grove, they’ve worked hard to be prepared for this possibility and have made a very smooth transition.”

Some teachers are even going the extra mile, making sure that they can be reached when needed, to help out parents who might have had to find new caretakers.

Susan New, Spring Grove Grandparent, said, “It’s so cute cause he said “I got his phone number, he gave us his phone number, I can call him whenever he has any problems,” I think the teachers did a really good job with the kids in preparing them, of course over a period of time and during that day.”

With help that this time it’s only temporary, and parents know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“I think this time that it’s temporary, people still have those smiles on their faces, last time they didn’t have that closure.”

Until then they’re doing their best to make sure students have access to breakfast, lunch, and an education. If everything goes according to plan, spring grove should have students in the building again next Wednesday.

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