Sheep Shed moves church services outside due to COVID-19

Joplin Area Coronavirus

NEOSHO, Mo. — One Southwest Missouri church changes its location to accommodate its members during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Sheep Shed in Neosho moved its morning service outside on Sunday.

It’s an effort to help its members practice social distancing, while still being able to worship.

The congregation had the option to stay in their cars, sit on the beds of trucks, or bring a lawn chair to participate.

The senior pastor says this is something new for the Sheep Shed, but the church is committed to holding worship every week for as long as they can.

Dr. Mack Evans, Sheep Shed Senior Pastor, says, “We just decided we would have service outside, invite anybody that wanted to come, make anybody welcome, but keep people safe. We want to obey the rules as best as we can, but we will still put God first.”

As long as the current rules don’t change, pastor Mack Evans adds service will be in the parking lot next Sunday.

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