Select businesses in Kansas reopen their doors as phase one of the state recovery plan

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PITTSBURG, Ks. — Select businesses in Kansas reopen their doors as phase one of the state recovery plan began Monday, but some still have to wait.

Which ones could open?

Under phase one retailers and restaurants can fill their businesses again.

But as for personal services like nail and hair salons, they’re going to have to wait a few weeks.

For the first time in weeks, Kansas businesses can start welcoming in guests.

Under phase one of the state recovery plan, retailers and restaurants now follow some new rules.

John Minton, Vice President, Jock’s Nitch, said, “We’re wearing masks and sanitizing. We’ll have the Plexiglas shields arriving tomorrow, we’ll get those installed. We kind of got flow control in our stores and the spacing for people to stand and social distancing signs.”

Limiting the amount of people in the stores may be adding to another issue, with no sports, not too many people are shopping for apparel.

“With KU having a good basketball year and potential of a final four and losing out that opportunity, that was one of the biggest things that hurt us. So when sports aren’t happening, there’s not a lot going on here at times.”

For Drop The H Brewing Company, it’s been a big impact.

Slowly but surely, they are hoping to get business back to normal.

Mark McClain, Co-Founder, Drop The H Brewing Company, said, “Pittsburg in particular had a really good downtown vibe going right before this hit. And I think we’ll get right back on that train and get things livened up and festive again.”

But what about the businesses that can’t open?

Tayve Potts, Manager, Wild Side Salon, said, “I’ve been doing hair for 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

She believes salons should be able to open as well.

“People don’t understand that actually that we’re actually licensed in not only doing hair but in disinfecting and sanitation.”

Phase two, which starts on May 18th, will allow salons to reopen.

But until then, those appointment requests are going to keep piling up.

“We have people calling, messaging every single day and they just don’t understand. And we’re just following the rules from Governor Kelly.”

Phase two will allow gatherings of up to 30 people, along with hair salons and gyms would be allowed to reopen.

However hair salons would have to only offer services appointment only, with everyone having to wear masks.

And the salon would need to keep a record of everyone who comes in for service in case they need to track illness.

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