Schifferdecker Golf Course taking strides to protect the health of patrons

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JOPLIN, Mo. — While many things are closed right now, golfers are still able to tee off at the Schifferdecker Golf Course.

The Schifferdecker Golf Club has been able to make some adjustments so people can still go out and golf during the coronavirus outbreak.

Larry Elston, Schifferdecker Golf Course Employee, said, “On nice days, we get quite a few people out here.”

“They call here to make their tee times, or you can do it online. Now they’ve been calling to make sure we’re open. They call every day actually if you want to know the truth. The phone rings off the hook.”

The sounds of golf carts, tee shots, and putts continue to ring throughout Schifferdecker Golf Club. There’s been some changes though, foam surrounds the pin of flags, golf carts are continuously wiped down. One thing hasn’t changed, the people still come.

“We’re trying to keep people, you know, happy but also, they want to play their golf. You know, it’s hard to keep off, especially a lot of these old-timers out here, they love to play their golf every day.”

While you can’t step inside the clubhouse and you can only pay by card, Schifferdecker simply just wants to keep its course open.

“We try to keep everything as clean as possible. That’s our thing. One of the things our boss says. Clean, clean, clean. So we do that quite a bit.”

“Over there you can see, he’s wiping down.”

There’s even altered tee times to avoid large crowds on the green. When it’s a nice day outside it’s sometimes just human nature to grab a pair of golf clubs and hit nine or maybe even 18.

“Friday was pretty hectic. We’re the last game in town as they say. Everybody seems to be closed up.”

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