Role of non profits in the community more important than ever

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JOPLIN, Mo. — The role of non profits in the community has never been more important than it is now.

But many of them can’t keep up with the demand for services on their own.

Souls Harbor provides food, clothing and shelter for people in need.

But since the covid pandemic they’ve needed help themselves to take care of the increased demand for their services.

Dianna Gurley, Director, Souls Harbor, said, “The power of social media”

A few months ago the website for the ministry was upgraded to include an area where people interested in volunteering could go to sign up.

And that has paid big benefits for the ministry.

Between the website and word of mouth, there are now 12 new volunteers, among them Judith Wilder.

Judith Wilder, Souls Harbor Volunteer, said, “To help out, I’m retired and I was bored, so the Lord told me to come up here and I did and I’ve been here ever since.”

Elijah Blue, Souls Harbor Volunteer, said, “I also volunteer with Catholic Charities and Watered Gardens, I , I just enjoy giving back to the community in the best ways that I can.”

Dianna Gurley says volunteers have never played a more important role in this ministry.

“If you have a heart to serve and you find yourself sitting around being bored and you just want something to do, you need to get out and you need to do something, come and see us, we will be more than happy to put you to work with us,” said Gurley.

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