Puppy fever continues to grow as more people stay at home

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Puppy fever continues to grow as more people stay at home, but with the increase in demand for puppies it’s created a whole new type of scam.

Tianna Fisher, Shelter Services Manager, said, “It’s really important to actually meet a pet before you take them home”

It’s something that the Joplin Humane Society cannot stress enough

“You’re making a lifelong commitment to that animal, so you want to make sure that it’s a really good fit for both you and that pet.”

There’s been a significant increase in demand for puppies during this time with covid-19 as more and more people are staying at home. It’s led some falling for scams online. Even when asking to see the puppy in-person, the scammers say that’s not possible. It’s nothing new though. Puppy scams have existed for quite some time, but what is new is the catch?

Stephanie Garland, Better Business Bureau – Springfield Regional Director, said, “They’re saying they can’t leave the house because they got an auto-immune disease, you know, they can’t use they’re regular shippers so there’s some special circumstances. They’re even saying in some cases that pets need to go ahead and require a covid-19 vaccination to go ahead and protect that pet from bringing covid-19 to you and your family, and of course that does not exist and that is not a real thing.”

Lots of red flags surrounding the scam itself. Some have lost as little as $600 to a few thousand. The Better Business Bureau is working with local authorities to help put an end to these scams. They know it’s bad for business, bad for the economy, and mostly just not a good sitaution overall.

“As we reopen whether or not there’s a second wave, you know, people are going to remember how you’re treated on both sides, both as business owners and consumers, so we want for people to be treating each other fairly and people are definitely not being treated fairly when they fall for these puppy scams.”

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