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PITTSBURG, Ks. — In theater the saying is the “show must go on,” and PSU Students are making sure it does during the pandemic.

Scott Ladish, Assistant Stage Manager and Covid Compliance Officer, said, “Just as a human you know it’s uncomfortable, it’s scary but it’s also exciting as a like an actor or a person that is involved in theater getting to change and adapt and involve with what you love to do.”

Since covid has affected the country, Pitt State theatre students were unsure if they would be able to have any shows this year. Now they will collaborate with multi-media students to create their first virtual production for remote audiences.

“Actors feed off of live audiences and we always have, so it takes a lot of strength and courage from the actors perspective to perform without a live audience knowing that you have to be in control of going off of the energy creating your own energy and really working with that. I think it will make the actors work harder to provide the level of performance that we normally have with a live audience.”

While still social distancing, theater students will perform and multi-media students will record and stream the shows online that can be attended virtually through the university’s online channel.

Josh Ramsey, Cast Member, said, “It’s exciting for us to get to work together and kinda collaborate on a project and it might be something that we do for a few shows or years maybe it depends we don’t know but there’s a lot of confusion and uncertainty but I think its certainty exciting that we get to work with the broadcast side of communication.”

The first show will be October 22nd through the 25th and tickets can be purchased with the virtual link through the PSU ticket office.

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