JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — The process to fund Jasper County coronavirus projects through the federal CARES Act grant is officially underway.

Steve McIntosh, Jasper Co. Collector, said, “We have done a few things in the office. We’ve bought masks, 12 hand sanitizers.”

And Jasper County Collector Steve McIntosh isn’t done adapting to the coronavirus.

“We put up some plexiglass shields.”

He can apply for grant funds to cover those costs – as long as they meet federal guidelines.

Jasper County is now taking applications to spend its share of the CARES Act funding.

The 14 million dollars can go to a wide variety of groups.

Derek Hunter, Jasper Co. Cares Act Admin, said, “Could be a city, could be a county, could a police department, sheriff’s department. It could be an organization. We’ve had health clinics would qualify, nursing homes, hospitals.”

And there are already a few applications.

That includes the Joplin Community Clinic, Joplin Library and the City of Carl Junction – looking for reimbursement on a range of projects.

It’s ultimately up to the county commission to decide how the money is divided up.

“I expect some of the applications to be reviewed within the next week to 10 days.”

To apply for Jasper County CARES Act grants follow the link below.