Pregnancy during a pandemic

Joplin Area Coronavirus

All areas of life have had to change because of the pandemic including having a baby.

KODE’s Bubba Evansco spoke with Haley Grace of Joplin about her journey and what she expected while she was expecting during this time.

Hayley Grace, Mother, said, “Yes i got the whole strip. We wanted to have a Spring baby in 2020 because that’s when it’s gonna make the most sense for us and to work around everyone else’s birthday. And you know I was like OK summer’s too hot so I don’t want to be really pregnant in the summer but I don’t want a new born in the winter. So we really thought we were in control ya know. Obviously we weren’t.”

So what are your issues going into covid nineteen? What are you thinking now as new mom to be?

“Yeah so it’s kinda like scary cause when it first happened you like you don’t know what this means for a pregnant person. And also I don’t know what it meant with my doctor like am I gonna be able to go into the doctor’s office ya know. Is going to the hospital scary at this point like am I more at risk being a doctor’s office like than I would be being at home that kind of stuff. But luckily I have a really wonderful doctor and she was extremely reassuring and so you know she’s told me continually that they are doing everything they possibly can and that the pregnant are isolated completely from everyone else and in the hospital so we’re own separate wing. So we wouldn’t be around any covid patients or anything like that. So I was very lucky I was able to keep all my regular appointments. Since I was already in the third trimester cause I know I have friends that have had to do virtual appointments you know. Even though that much is happening in the early stages it’s still sort of sad because of all the things are special and so luckily my husband was still able to um they let record ya know her heart beat whenever I’m in there and stuff and I can call him so since he can’t come in with me right now and so it’s been it’s been a little bit different but they’ve been really really accommodating.”

Are you keeping a journal, yes, or anything like that at all?

“Yeah I started writing like a little notebook of just kinda like day by day especially whenever a big thing happened ya know. We had had a plan for a baby shower my sister was going to throw me a a baby shower at my in-laws house and then obviously that didn’t happen. So we had to kind of make it up on the fly. We had virtual baby shower. Alright. Ya know but it actually turned it was really fun and so and it worked really well and all my family was able to like interact then and see things. I tried to write down when that happened and sorted of what i’m feeling like and so that some day when she’s old enough to appreciate it that she’ll look back and, that’s cool. And read ya know and be like oh like cause this is probably not going to seem I mean hopefully ya know twenty years from now this will seem like a blip that happened in the past to her.”

Now you said there’s a very special date coming very soon. You’re expecting that baby girl. Tell me about that date.

“Yeah, so I am due on June 22nd and that’s what we’re calling her eviction date. So I told my doctor that I’m not really interested in the just like waiting and gonna see what happens especially now ya know like there’s you can’t control when a baby comes but it makes me feel a little bit better that maybe i can try to plan that and that’s awesome try to have a timeline.”

What are your thoughts and issues or concerns when bringing a baby into this world right now?

“I think that sometimes it’s really easy to get kinda like bogged down of like oh my gosh there’s like so many terrible things like does she deserve to be here for this but then i think i’m gonna have this baby and she’s gonna grow up and she’s going to change the world much more than i ever have like she’ll figure out those lesson hopefully much earlier who knows ya know. My number one advice is to be to find doctor that you really trust and that you really feel like they have your back. I think that’s been a majorly helpful thing for me. That whenever she says I trust her I know that she has my best interests a heart and that she’s doing so if she tells me calm down don’t worry about it then I can be okay i’m fine ya know. Letting things go has helped me not be as stressed out just kinda make it all go smoothly and hopefully continue to go smoothly when she’s born.”

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