Pittsburg Mayor holds her first State of City Address virtually

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PITTSBURG, Ks. — Pittsburg city leaders are breaking down the impact of covid-19, economic health, and goals for the future.

Kathleen Flannery, Vice President for Advancement, PSU/President, PSU Foundation, said, “The most selfless, dedicated community servant I know, the Honorable Dawn McNay, mayor of the city of Pittsburg.”

Pittsburg Mayor Dawn McNay delivered her first state of the city address virtually–a first for the city–she began by talking about the city’s history of facing adversity.

Dawn McNay, Mayor, City of Pittsburg, said, “And in those times, our community was asked to come together and face an unexpected challenge, one that is still with us, the Covid-19 virus.”

The theme of her speech was resilience.

“Your City Government made the conscious decision not to lose momentum, knowing that stopping would make it harder to get going again.”

Mayor McNay says the city continues to fight for advancements in housing, infrastructure, education ,economic health, and public wellness.

“Because when we say ‘Forward Together’, we mean, forward together. We have to have a firm financial foundation based on diversity in business and Pittsburg needs planned growth.

The Mayor says Crawford County is the only county in Southeast Kansas predicted to grow in the next decade.

“Our housing stock needs to be replenished – as a result, you saw the implementation of the Land Bank. Since 2019, 31 lots have been sold; we will close 2020 with 30 new homes built.”

The city’s goals be for next year will be continuing on the track to economic prosperity, job creation, community pride, and civic engagement.

Daron Hall, City Manager, City Of Pittsburg, said, “I think she put a message out there that resonates in our community right now. It’s been a tough year. we still achieved a lot and we’ve done it all together.”

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