Pineville distillery making alcohol for a different purpose amid pandemic

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PINEVILLE, Mo. — A McDonald County business has found a new purpose during the coronavirus pandemic.

Baili Nelson, Manager, Tall Pines Distillery, said, “Right now we’ve actually switched over all of our operations into making hand sanitizer.”

Tall Pines Distillery opened back in late January and has garnered a significant following for its moonshine.

“We have a two-distillation still, we have two of them, one 2,000 liter and then a smaller one.”

Now, through its other work, the business has found additional repeat customers. This time, for hand sanitizer.

“We’ve completely stopped our moonshine making. So even though we really don’t have the best equipment for us to be able to make it, we’re doing it.

Staff runs 200 gallons through their large still to produce 120 proof alcohol then they run it through their small still to produce the high alcohol content that the CDC requires.

John Sellers, Mayor of Anderson, said, “It’s extremely important to have something such as this on hand because you cannot buy sanitizer in most stores right now.”

Tall Pines has produced nearly 1,000 bottles and given its sanitizer to local cities, law enforcement, and even sold it to private companies.

“I’m really grateful to them for providing this because after working in a wastewater treatment plant for 32 years I understand the importance of being able to sanitize.”

Nelson says while this has been a difficult and uncertain time, it has been a rewarding learning experience.

“We never really envisioned us being able to do this or doing it in general, as a company. But with everything going on, and the pandemic, we really just, since we have the equipment and we can do it, we really just want to help everybody,” said Nelson.

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