Parsons schools to begin the year remotely

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PARSONS, Ks. — The Parsons School District will be starting classes remotely for all students this fall.

But the hope is to get back to face-to-face classes.

Lori Ray, Superintendent, Parsons School District, said, “Students will start remotely, and so we’re looking to do that, we’re looking at the Labette county numbers in regards to the virus, and trying to be very cognicent of having kids come back and staff come back.”

The Parsons School Board recently voted to start classes in the fall remotely.

That means on August 26th, all students will report to classes online.

Mike Kastle, President, Parsons School Board, said, “The day of the decision, we listened to two doctors, a pharmacist, a school nurse and some patrons and some teachers that had some concerns about where we’re going how we’re going to do and really we based a lot of our decision based off what we heard that night.”

Now school leaders are working to prepare staff and students with better technology for remote learning.

“We do have devices for every student, we did purchase hot spots, so some of those will be available for parents and families to check out at the library,” said Ray.

On campus, preparations are being made to classrooms so classes can return.

Students will be sectioned off by these shields and few kids will be in the classrooms.

Educators hope students can return to classes sooner than later.

“We want for kids to be in our building. We want for kids to come back to school, and we want to do that as safely as possible.”

“And we will always do what’s best for our kids, their health and safety is top priority and always will be,” said Kastle.

The school board will decide two weeks after school starts on August 26th if returning to class is an option.

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