Pandemic providing ample opportunity to research family history

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Looking for something to do while your sheltering in place with your family?

How about preserving your family’s past?

Joplin Historian Brad Belk says now might be a good time to learn more about your family and then preserve that information once you find it.

He says you can use this time to look through the house and find important documents and pictures and try and figure out the names of all the people in them.

Belk says there’s no time like the present to ask relatives about your family’s past, while you still have the chance.

Brad Belk, MSSU Community Historian, said, “If you don’t answer these questions today, you won’t be able to answer them tomorrow, so this is very very important stuff, you never know how important it is until you have these nostalgic moments, you want to go back and look at something and then all of the sudden you get into that big box and you’re looking through this stuff and you’re trying to figure out who is everyone.”

Once you figure out who everyone in your pictures are, Belk says you need to properly preserve those photos and important documents like birth and wedding certificates.

He says there’s several companies that can help with that process.

He says you can also learn more about your family by going to your local library, once they reopen.

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