JOPLIN, Mo. — Concern over the coronavirus has lead to a change in the way many people receive they’re psychological counseling.

Instead of patients going to their sessions in person, many now are doing it through the use of tele-health.

Psychologist Dale Wilkinson with the Freeman Health System Ozark Center says he was worried when counseling sessions first had to be done through a video conferencing.

But not anymore.

Dale Wilkinson, Psychologist, Freeman Health System Ozark Center, said, “I was worried that the therapy would not go very well this way that we might lose the personal touch, but it seems as well it’s working wonderful that clients are talking that they feel they’ve still have the human touch and we’re actually seeing a better show rate if I call you at home than if you came to my office so.”

Wilkinson says Ozark Center has also started their own drive up pharmacy at their Hope Spring campus.