One unique group of employees are still hard at work during the covid outbreak

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Many businesses are closing their doors to the public and sending employees home to stay healthy.

A group of unique employees are still hard at work.

Jeff Jones, Executive Director, Joplin Workshop, said, “Our employees love to come to work and they have such great attitudes about it.”

While many businesses are closing their doors, employees at Joplin Sheltered Workshops are still hard at work.

“Some of them we’ve asked to stay home, just for their own protection.”

The workshop has been employing developmentally disabled adults in Joplin for 54 years–employees take part in a number of jobs including parts for carts, food packaging, and recycling.

“We’ve done a lot of things over the years to keep people employed, it’s more challenging all the time.”

Jones says his employees continue working to help get critical supplies to companies deemed essential.

“We’ve got two different companies the producer of the material and the receiver of the material that are on the essential list so they want to keep the pipeline or the supply chain full so those items can be processed.”

A big item being processed, cardboard.

“We do about 320,000 pounds a month. We’ve partnered with a local company and they give us their wastestream.”

Once processed it’ll go on to be further recycled into new boxes or toilet paper.

“They can’t continue production if they don’t receive our part that we make for them and so we continue to operate because of that.”

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