Oklahoma projects covid-19 to peak on April 21

Joplin Area Coronavirus

OKLAHOMA — As more testing is done in the sooner state, the Oklahoma State Department of Health has released a model for the covid-19 outbreak showing the new projected peak.

Data shows the new projected peak date for the virus could be April 21st.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health released a modeling forecast that shows that on the date of the projected peak, the state of Oklahoma could have 436 new cases, 22 new deaths and 131 new hospitalizations.

One of the authors of the model, the state’s Interim Epidemiologist, says the goal of the model was to inform the Governor for planning purposes to highlight what would be the peak number of cases, timing of the peak, and would the state exceed their capacity for hospital beds, ICU beds, and ventilators.

Aaron Wendelboe, Interim State Epidemiologist, Oklahoma, said, “These models try to see how it’s going to spread throughout a community. One of the limitations of this methodology is that it doesn’t do a great job of accounting for the change in human behavior. For example if people really freak out about the severity of a virus and they start social distancing or if leaders tell us to social distance.”

Wendelboe says over the past week, Oklahoma has significantly increased covid-19 testing data due to expanded capacity at labs and more mobile testing locations across the state.

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