OK releases new hospital surge plan

Joplin Area Coronavirus

OKLAHOMA — Oklahoma’s hospitals have been breaking records over the past month as more patients need care.

Now state leaders are unveiling a new hospital surge plan.

Tuesday, the state saw yet another record high in hospitalizations, with 870 people in the hospital with covid-19.

The rising numbers have sparked the new surge plan.

The plan breaks the state up into regions and assigns a tier, based on current hospital capacities.

Currently, the entire state sits in tier one, meaning less than 15% of hospitals’ current patients are sick with covid-19.

If the numbers rise between 16% and 20%, the hospital will go to tier two.

In tier two, hospitals could move recovering patients to different facilities and call on the medical reserve corps for help.

In tier three, hospitals would reach more than 20% patient capacity, elective surgeries would be eliminated.

Tier four is the state’s most severe level, and means admissions would go over 40%, all non-emergent surgeries would be cancelled.

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