Newton County Commissioner has firsthand experience with covid-19

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NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — One Southwest Missouri official knows firsthand what it’s like to deal with coronavirus – since he tested positive himself.

Bill Reiboldt, Newton Co. Commissioner, said, “Had a headache, came in and thought you know I’m going to take my temperature, I had 99.2.”

Not a clear sign of the coronavirus – but Bill Reiboldt decided to check with a professional.

“Just to be sure, you know personal responsibility – I’m around a lot of people, what if I am positive so I went to my doctor. I called him and he said lets be sure. They called me at 10:30 and said guess what you are positive – I said you’re kidding you could have blown me over, I had no idea.”

So Reiboldt and his wife went into quarantine.

“I stayed away from the courthouse for two whole weeks, conducted my business by phone, meetings by telephone, course we didn’t go anywhere. I felt good.”

In fact, his symptoms were minimal.

His temperature never hit 100.4.

The 72 year old Newton County Commissioner considers himself lucky.

“Older people it takes more for us and I guess I am an older person.”

He adds his experience gives him an extra insight – which comes in handy since the county commission is in charge of approving more than $6 million in federal coronavirus funding for groups throughout Newton County.

“We’re very cautious of our funding process.”

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