Neosho City Council to hold special meeting

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NEOSHO, Mo. — The Neosho City Council will hold a special meeting this week to talk about community response to the coronavirus.

Tuesday the City Council was scheduled to discuss a plan for public gatherings.

But after concerns from the community that discussion was tabled and scheduled for a special meeting on Thursday.

The biggest concern for residents was a proposal limiting all social gatherings to no more than 16 people with the exception of day cares and education facilities.

Many residents felt this was discriminatory towards churches.

So now, council will hold a special meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center to take a deeper look at the proposal and see what’s best for the city.

Neosho Mayor Carmin Allen, said, “Thursday we’re actually our attorney’s gonna draw it up, and then we’ll just go through it line by line where the people, we’ll give them a chance to ask questions and, we’re moving to the civic center where you know it’ll hold a lot more people and we’ll take our time and try and get it right.”

Tuesday’s proposal also included limiting business occupancy to 50% and requiring all events held within the city to receive a written approval from the newton county health department before they could be held.

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