More unemployment help headed to Kansans

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KANSAS — More Kansans are beginning to get an extra $300 in unemployment help from the federal government.

It’s part of the Lost Wages Assistance Program that began within the last week.

In its first week, the State Labor Department paid out 25,000 of the 110,000 claims that sent $6.7 million to Kansans.

Labor officials say each person that deserves benefits will get them, but they have to make sure the money goes to people that qualify for the program.

Sec. Ryan Wright, Kansas Dept. of Labor, said, “As folks self-certify, we then have to go back in and individually, essentially approve, but verify each of those certifications, and then we release that money, and we have to do that on a weekly basis.”

The program is for unemployed Kansans that were out of work due to the coronavirus outbreak between the last week of July and the first week of September.

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