Missouri up to 24 confirmed cases of virus, sees first death

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Today the Missouri Governor announced the first death in Missouri related to covid-19.

Officials say the patient who died was believed to have contracted the coronavirus through travel.

There were no specifics released about the age of the person who died or where they were from, but they were treated by first responders in Boone County.

We are told those first responders were wearing protective gear but six emergency first responders are in quarantine until they receive further guidance.

Gov. Mike Parson, (R) Missouri, said, “It is unfortunate we are going to be speaking here today we’ve had our first death of COVID-19 here in the state of Missouri.”

Dr. Stevan Whitt, MU Health Care, said, “We think our public health officials for doing things that at first may seem onerous not going to church, avoiding school, avoiding university classes, avoiding public places, but this is reinforcement that COVID-19 is really here and we really need to do our part and taking care of our sick and needy people.

The state of Missouri is now confirming 24 positive cases of the coronavirus.

So far 330 people have been tested for the virus and 308 of those tests have come back negative.

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Cole 1
Greene 4
Henry 1
Jackson 1
St. Louis City 1
Boone 1

(Not all positive case locations have been announced as of late Wednesday.)

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