Missouri Secretary of State visits Joplin to clarify voting options

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MISSOURI — There are now more ways for show-me state residents to cast their ballot than ever before.

With the August fourth primary election not far off, registered voters have more ways to cast their ballots than in elections past.

Explaining them was the purpose of a visit to Joplin from Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft.

Jay Ashcroft, Missouri Secretary of State, said, “Any registered voter in the State of Missouri may request a mail in ballot, have that ballot mailed to them, they fill it out and mail it back.”

That’s one of the new options for Missouri voters to cast their ballot in the midst of a pandemic.

But what you have to do with that ballot before you mail it in is the subject of controversy which centers around when a signature by a notary public is required.

But if some voters don’t feel comfortable with going out on election day, it doesn’t make sense for them to go out and get a signature.

Ashcroft claims he’s get that problem solved in advance.

“We’re going to be putting out a list of notaries that have agreed to do notarizations for absentee ballots and mail in ballots for free, and some have said “Hey look, we’ll go to your house, we’ll be putting that on our website.”

Krista Stark, with the Southwest Missouri Democrats, wants to drop the requirement for a notary for all voters.

Krista Stark, Southwest Missouri Democrats Executive Director, said, “Yes, we feel like a person should be able to say they don’t want to go to their polling place on election day because they are afraid of transmitting or catching Covid and have that be a valid excuse to be able to absentee vote in the state of Missouri.”

A lawsuit filed by the A.C.L.U. Is asking the court to make that change.

If you plan to vote by mail, you must request a ballot and return it to an election authority by July 22nd.

And if you aren’t registered to vote yet but must do so by Wednesday.

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