Mercy redeploying workers to other areas during the hospital’s covid-19 response

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Across the country, non-essential workers are taking on essential tasks in the fight against covid-19 and that trend can be seen here locally.

Action 12’s Deja Bickham explains how work has changed for some workers.

Luke Snavely normally works as a Physical Therapist’s Assistant at Mercy’s Galena Campus.

Luke Snavely, Physical Therapist Assistant, Ortho Four States, said, “I work with people who are doing therapy after knee or hip surgery or coming in with low back pain.”

He’s among a number of workers who have been re-deployed to other areas during the hospital’s covid-19 response.

“Well I haven’t seen some of my coworkers for a while but I stay in touch with them. Everybody at Mercy has been really nice to me and accepted me everywhere I’ve been.”

In the last month, he says he’s done a number of jobs.

“Taking people into the doors, their rooms, handling samples and taking it to the lab.”

He says through this experience he’s garnered a new appreciation for many of his co-workers at Mercy.

“Aw man, I respect nurses and CNAs. I already did, but I respect them so much more now just seeing what they do from their eyes and anybody that’s been involved on the front lines of this whole COVID fight.”

Snavely says he’s grateful to be working, because many aren’t as fortunate.

“Really just thankful for the job and the hours.”

But it hasn’t necessarily been easy.

“It’s been very eye-opening but again, I think everybody’s thankful they’re doing something, moving forward, and everybody kind of wants to know what the new normal is, nobody has an answer to that. But we’re just taking it one day at a time.”

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