MedFlight working to ensure patient and staff safety during pandemic

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — With the global concern of the covid-19 pandemic, MedFlight is ensuring its patients and staff are safe during transportation.

Rod Pace, Area Manager Of MedFlight Bases, said, “For us, operationally we’ve are pretty consistent in what we are doing. We’ve added a few layers. We’re all about our focusing being safety.”

With 300 bases in 48 states, MedFlight is continuing to transport patients through the skies amid the coronavirus pandmeic and continuing to evolve their techniques to ensure the safest environment during those transports.

“We have worked with the aircraft manufactures as well as our medical equipment manufactures to determine best practices and what is most appropriate. When we started out we had a small list of decontaminating agents that were approved for use in the aircraft and the equipment. That was version one. Within ten days, you know, we’ve evolved to, I think we are on version nine.”

Stacey Robertson: Flight Nurse/Clinical Base Lead For MedFlight Base, said,
“We’re making sure that we keep the aircraft cleaned at the beginning of the shift and then do our decontamination after every flight as well. We’ve got extra PPE in the aircraft now that we’re keeping available more then we did have prior.”

Another important resource is the continued communication between the crews on the ground and the transport team in the skies.

Communication with crews on the ground hasn’t changed much we are still treating everything when we walk into the back of an ambulance to meet an EMS crew for a scene flight we are still treating it as if it could be a suspected COVID case.”

And the crews are hoping that the current level of caution is something that will be continued in the future.

“There will be best practices that we’re already applying to our daily operations COVID-19 patient or not that will stay with us,” said Pace.

“I think we are going to be a lot more cognisant and really use it the way that all of it was meant to be used and be a little more on the cautious side,” said Robertson.

And with 300 confirmed COVID-19 cases already transported by MedFlight, Pace reported that there were zero cases of team members contracting the virus to date.

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